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John McCain has chosen his running mate, Sarah Palin.  Palin is the Governor of Alaska.  I wonder, now that he has chosen Palin, and Senator Stevens has been indicted, how many Alaskan politicians are left to run for state offices?

Seriously this is an interesting choice.  Palin was not in the top tier of candidates.  It also puts on the showdown of an African American President with an "Old School" running mate versus an "Old School" nominee with a female running mate.

Will the "Good 'Ole Boys" of the GOP flock toward McCain-Palin or will they become the Mondale-Ferraro of the new century?

Either way, it looks like there will be a historic presidency for 2009-2013.

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Over the course of time, I'll add and/or remove features from this site to keep things interesting.  I recently (as in yesterday) signed up for Twitter.  I got inspired about reading various Twitter feeds from the Democratic Convention and thought it would be a great way to do "live" reports from various events.  I have Redskins season tickets, probably Terps Men's Basketball, and some Nationals Games left.  Plus in this great city, we'll have the Presidential Inaguration in January.  On non-event days, I'll post random thoughts or minor events as they occur.

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The long wait is over.  At 3:08 AM Friday night/Saturday morning, I received the long awaited text message.  Joe Biden, running mate.  Duh.  As previously leaked to the press hours before.  While long awaited, it was not unknown.  Hell, it was the obvious choice.  Except in one aspect.

Of course, Biden is the experienced Senator from Delaware.  He has foreign policy under his belt and fills in the "holes" in Obama's platform.  He looks presidential, or maybe I should say vice-presidential?  But that's the problem.  In the campaign that has been sold as "change", the chunk of it is now "old".  Biden is old school Washington.  Maybe the outskirts of it, but he's been part of the mess for 35 years.

This of course leads to the convention this week and waiting for McCain's choice.

A very interesting article I saw on today.  Several college presidents have signed on to lower the drinking age to 18.  It is part of something call the Amethyst Initiative.  Interestingly enough, my alma mater, the University of Maryland, College Park is signed on to this.  No other large local schools seem to have signed on.

I'm debating this in my head.  Obviously lowering the age would cause concern about alcohol accessibility for a less mature group of people.  However, at the same time, we have a number of arguments for this.

  • If they want it, they'll find it.  I had my first sip of beer at 11 or 12.  After that, I had a wine cooler at 17 the day after high school graduation and nothing else until 21.  But I had an understanding with my parents that I could get it if I wanted.
  • Military - you are old enough to die for your country, you should be old enough to order a drink.
  • Maturity - When I was at College Park, I knew plenty of students who were responsible and under 18.  Conversely, there were immature ones at 21+.  21 is an arbitrary number.
I know this is not an easy thing to handle, but it's an interesting debate.
No, not me.  Those of you in the DC area and some elsewhere, know that Tony Kornheiser, one-time Washington Post columnist, current PTI "Host" (when he's not on 3 month vacations), and part of the 3 man Monday Night Football booth also held another day job, as a radio host.  At least during football off-season.

Yesterday, 3WT Radio, which was for about a year, Washington Post Radio, was essentially shut down and it's signals will be used to increase geographical coverage of WTOP, the DC area's full-time news radio, and Federal News Radio, a sister station covering the Federal government and the employees of those agencies.

What the shutdown of 3WT Radio means is that TK no longer has an outlet for radio.  His show was probably the highlight of station, save those who really dig Nationals baseball on the radio.  Bonneville, the company that owns the signals for 3WT Radio, announced that that TK would not be returning next Spring, even though I think he still had a year left on his contract.

So after taking early retirement from the Post, Mr. Tony is left with MNF and PTI.  The only real radio game in town that Kornheiser would fit on is ESPN 980.  However as a nationally recognized commentator, he might be able to swing a Sirius-XM radio show.

Wow. What a great day Saturday was. The only thing that would have been better is to see it in person. How I regret that. I don't think there will be another day where two of the greatest Redskins ever get inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In addition to Washington's own Darrell Green and Art Monk, Emitt Thomas, Andre Tippett, Gary Zimmerman, and Fred Dean were enshrined.

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