Lieberman: Independent?

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Senator Joe Lieberman, Independent, Connecticut, spoke at the Republican National Convention last night.  How independent is he though?

Those that know my politics know that I'm a moderate Democrat.  I'm willing to listen to both sides.  Aside from the constant bickering, the one thing that irks me the most are party switchers.  By that, I mean those who were elected by one party and switched to the other while in office.

Lieberman is technically not a party switcher, but he might be worse, as he ran as an Independent, caucases with the Democrats while in the Senate, and now speaks at the RNC.  The Democrats in the Senate are partially to be blamed, as they needed Lieberman to gain the slim majority of 1 in the legislative body.  Lieberman himself has every right to do what he wants.

Except speak at the RNC.  I get that John McCain is his good friend.  Your average American does not pick friends by political affiliation.  Maybe an endorsement is enough.  I want my legislators to have open minds and vote how they feel.  But speak on his behalf?

In last nights speech, he spoke of "We are all Americans" and asked "Why is a Democrat here?".  His first statement is correct.  His second statement is not.  He is an Independent.  And now he has essentially shifted to the Republican side, without declaring it.  At least have the guts to do so.  Caucus with them.

Come after the General Election, the Democrats should strip him of his status and his constitutents should demand he run as a Republican or Independent at his next term.  To think this guy was the Democratic VP Nominee just a few years ago.

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I am from CT and remember the 1988 election that got Lieberman to the Senate in the first place. The only reason he won was because he was running against Lowell Weicker, a liberal Republican (you heard me right) against whom a campaign was started by none other than Greenwich, CT resident William F. Buckley Jr. to oust Weicker. Buckley urged Connecticut Republicans to vote against Weicker no matter who the Democratic candidate was, feeling that he had to be better than the liberal Weicker. Turns out that candidate was Lieberman.

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