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The day is finally here. Chinese Democracy, the long awaited album from Guns N' Roses was release yesterday. I was a fan of Appetite for Destruction, but then again who wasn't?  I purchased it yesterday on iTunes hoping for that great sound.  I found Axl's voice.  Unfortunately not much else.  GNR is missing that key sound.  It begs for Slash et al.  The entire album feels of one long ballad.  Individual songs don't seem to stand out.  One exception is the third track, "Better".  It has a good beat and seems to pull some classic Guns N' Roses.  The problem is that is about the only thing that sounds familiar.  It's not that the album is bad.  This would be a great album if it wasn't Guns N' Roses.  It's that we expect more from GNR.  The sound is just not there.  Sample or buy it here. Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy
On Saturday night, I was coaxed into seeing My Name is Bruce, the latest movie from cult favorite Bruce Campbell.  For those of you how have not heard, Campbell himself is going from city to city to "open" the movie for that specific city.  Part of that is for him to speak before each showing and take questions.  I am not a huge fan of Campbell's, but I decided to have an open mind to see this. Showing at the E Street Cinema downtown, we wanted to catch the 10:15 PM showing. Part of the Landmark Theatre group, we tried all day Sunday to get on their website to buy tickets. The site never came up. We tried calling. Just a long recorded message. So taking a chance, we decided to go downtown.

That was mistake #1. 10:15 was sold out...we were offered 12:15 AM. While they seemed to "customize" the phone recording daily, they didn't bother to note that the 10:15 show was sold out for a week. I didn't want to see the midnight showing, but was again coaxed to buying those tickets.

We headed off the ESPN Zone to kill time. The place was kind of empty, but some good college games were on, so we stuck around to watch. Mistake #2. Apparently on a Saturday night, in the middle of BCS season, the ESPN closes at 11 PM. Without warning, they shut off the TV's at around 11:30. With that we headed back to the theater.

Bruce Campbell showed up at about 12:15 and spoke for 5 minutes. "What are you expectations for this movie?". One fan shouted "Rock Bottom!". Campbell didn't disagree. He was entertaining as you expected and on with the show. I'd like to spoil it for you, but there is nothing to spoil because there was no plot. Anything you see coming happens. I would say rent it on DVD, but that would mean wasting $4 or $5. Well if you are on a subscription plan like Netflix, you might put this at the bottom of your queue. Eventually, you'll drop it from your list in favor of a better movie. Like that new Jean Claude Van Damme movie. OK, I haven't seen it, nor will I ever, but at least you might see him kill someone in a fashion you might believe.

As you may have figured out, I didn't enjoy My Name is Bruce. Maybe hardcore fans like it better. I don't know. The trailer is below and is decent, but remember, trailers are supposed to entice you to see the movie.
Povich PanelAt Cole Field House last night, the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism and the Colonnade Society of the University of Maryland hosted a 3rd Annual Shirley Povich Symposium. This year's topic was Race and Sports Journalism. I was lucky to be in attendance. The panel was moderated by Maury Povich of tabloid show fame and Kevin Blackistone, Povich Chair at the Merrill College. Michael Wilbon, Gary Williams, Sage Steele, Scott Van Pelt, and Len Elmore rounded out the panel. George Solomon, former Washington Post writer, ESPN Ombudsman, and current professor at Maryland, was in attendance as well. The discussion started with a mention of President-Elect Barack Obama. While historic, it does not mean the end of the race discussion in America.

Those who don't know who Shirley Povich was should know that he was a great sports columnist for the Washington Post for over 60 years. He died one day after writing his last column in 1998. He was the father of Maury, the night's moderator and David, an attorney.
Unless you have been sheltered from the media for the past 48 hours and thought today, Wednesday, was Election Day, you know that Barack Obama was elected President of the United States yesterday.  Many rejoiced and many are angered or dejected.  I am neither.  I suspect a small and quiet group of people feel the same way.

I don't know what it was.  While Obama's speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention caught my eye, I've never felt comfortable enough with him.  To me, he lacks experience.  I'm not saying that is a bad thing, or that he won't be a good or even great President.  I just would have preferred someone with at least a decade of experience.

Maybe it was John Edwards, the previous moral compass of the Democratic party falling down hard and fast.  Or Hillary Clinton, fighting on way too long in the primaries.  It could have been the non-stop election coverage via Internet, blogs, Twitter, and 24 hour news channels.  I'm guilty of watching and participating in all.  Maybe it was because other than his lack of economic sense, I really liked McCain.  But I will let this pass.  Living in the Washington Metropolitan area, I plan on taking in as much as possible from now until the inauguration.

For the next 4 to 8 years Barack Obama is our President.  We should support him and give him a chance to right the ship for those of you who think it is tilting.  Those who think it's upright, let Obama keep it afloat.
BuffyTocarraOn this very important day in American History, the DC Sports Page wants to bring you an election that everyone can agree on. BTW - I also blog on The DC Sports Page.  Vote for your favorite Redskins Cheerleader! This first week of voting pits Buffy versus Tocarra. At the end of the season, we will match up the winners to choose the favorite of the year. Vote early. Each Tuesday we'll bring you a new matchup.  Find the poll at The DC Sports Page on the right sidebar.

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