Review: Blackberry Storm

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photos_full_front.jpgRecently my work mobile smartphone went to crap, probably because it was running on Microsoft Windows Mobile or some other brilliant OS they conjured up in the great Northwest.  I previously had a Palm Treo so I thought about going back to that family.  I however opted to go with Blackberry this time.

OK, my first thought was to go with Apple's iPhone.  But you know, even though it is for work, I do enjoy actually being able to talk on it and AT&T has never been my friend.  Staying on Verizon Wireless, I was left with few options.  I decided on one of their older Blackberry World phones.  However, they decided to ship me the Blackberry Storm instead for the same price.  What a deal, I thought.

When I initially received it, I immediately disliked it.  It's heavier than the Motorola Q that I had been using and if memory serves me right, it seems close in weight to the Palm Treo 650 I had before that.  Then the touchscreen felt wrong.  You really have to put physical pressure on the screen.  I have an iPod Touch at home and that works like a charm.  Touchscreen there means brushing the screen.  Not on the Storm.
I have now been using it for about 2 weeks and I have to say it has grown on me.  Maybe it's the Twitter updates I was sending from inaugural events using Twitterberry.  The touchscreen and I had some growing pains, but it seems to work well.  I'm starting to understand why it's called a "Crackberry" by some as I can't seem to put it down when I'm on the move.  Sitting through meetings will be tough.

A great add-on is Bayalink's Liberty.  Essentially a bluetooth adaptor on a USB key, it acts as a conduit to allow one to work off the Blackberry using a Windows PC.  That made things much easier to handle.  It is a pain to type a long e-mail on a handheld, and I found it tougher on a touchscreen.  But with the Liberty, I'm able to respond to e-mails with ease even if I am off my e-mail on the notebook.

If you are interested in moving up to a Blackberry with touchscreen, I can now recommend the Storm.  It is my first Crackberry, so I don't know how it compares with other models.  From on-line forums and reviews, The biggest complaint I have heard is the keyboard, which of course, is the problem with any touchscreen.

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