Review: Domino's Subs and Pizza Hut Pasta

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IMG00034-20090328-2113.jpgWhen you think of subs you think of Domino's Pizza right?  For months, I've seen the commercials on TV, most notably during sporting events.  Then I needed the appropriate moment to actually try this.  We have also considered the Pizza Hut pasta and that was tested as well.  More on that later.

So The Sports Freak and I tried them.  And you know what?  Not bad.  We ordered the Philly Cheese Steak, Chicken Parm, and Chicken Bacon Ranch.  There was consideration for the Veggie, but why would you?  633 calories compared to the Philly Cheese Steak at 695.

The subs were delivered to us and they were still pretty warm.  We each tried half of each sub, but probably only got through one whole sub plus a bit each.  The Philly Cheese Steak was passable.  Not as good as the real deal from Philadelphia, but better than many of the area cheese steak makers.  Only possible lack in this was the amount of steak.  I was surprised it turned out so well.

Chicken Parm was as expected.  It can be screwed up, but it wasn't by Domino's.  The chicken and sauce were flavorful and in the right balance.  Not too much, not too little.  The cheese was fine

The trailer for the group was Chicken Bacon Ranch.  We ordered it without the ranch.  I prefer ranch in my salad, not on my sandwich.  It was kind of a throw-in because Domino's was offfering a 3 for deal.  We could have gotten pizza, but opted against that.  While it wasn't bad, I think the bacon could have been more crisp.  The chicken seemed to work less well than in the Chicken Parm.

All three subs delivered on the oven toasted bread.  Not overdone to become a rock, but enough to keep the ingredients in and not spill out.  For fast/delivery food, I generally rate it only "re-orderable" or never again.  These fall in the "re-orderable" category.

The Pizza Hut Pasta on the other hand, "never again".  Like the blockbuster movie, maybe it's the hype and it wasn't really that bad.  But if you are going to sell the pasta that can fool Italians, it better deliver in taste.  It didn't.  On a different day, the Sports Freak and I ordered the Lasagna and something else.  Honestly can't remember the other one.  Maybe it was the Chicken Alfredo?  In any case, Chef Boyardee might give them a run for their money.  What does Pizza Hut have going for them?  It comes hot.  OK, maybe I was harsh, but marketing it as it fools Italians, must mean they have no taste buds.  Pass on these if you ever feel the need and make a simple pasta yourself at home.  More satisfying and probably lower in sodium as I felt like I needed a gallon of water after that meal.

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uh, that was during March Madness tournament and for the calorie difference WHY WOULDN'T YOU ORDER THE MEAT!?

Get up to date and critique Crepes-A Go Go,

Didn't know you were in charge of this site

You're a brave man for trying that Pizza Hut pasta. Thanks for taking that dive for us ;-)

The things I will do for you readers.

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