TMI Thursday: A Date You Don't Want

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Those of you familiar with TMI Thursday know that Lilu gets this train rolling here.  As she says,  "Join us all in humiliating the crap out of yourself every Thursday by sharing some completely tasteless, wholly unclassy, 'how many readers can I estrange THIS week??' TMI story about your life. Or hell, about someone else's!"

As you have read here before, I used to work at CVS. We once opened a brand new store in Maryland.  The key in retail when opening a new store is to hire as many people that appeared qualified, then the cream of the crop usually rises to the top.  We fired some people quick, like the guy who slept on the job, when he should have been watching out for fires (sprinklers not yet installed), and the kid who stole products from us before the store was open for business.  But we did keep some, including a hispanic woman in her late 30's.  We'll call her M.  M had 2 kids, I think. Her oldest was at the time, a 17 year old daughter we'll call D.

After a few months the store was open, we hired D as well.  D was hot.  All the guys working at the store, most of whom were high school kids, wanted to go out with her.  I was a college senior, and will admit she was attractive.  I was trying to go out with college women, not high school girls, so she wasn't on my radar.

However, apparently I was on hers.  One day, so came into work and checked in at the office, like she normally does.  I was in there doing some paperwork.

D: Want to go dancing tonight after work?
Me: <stammers> Uh, um, uh!
D: I know this great club.
Me: <now composed> No thanks.
D: <walking out the door> You're cute!
Me: <red faced and totally embarrassed>

There is a reason I was stammering and then embarrassed.  More on that in a minute.  The next day, M came up to me.

M: Why won't you go out with D?
Me: Nothing personal, but....
M: <cuts me off> Don't you find her attractive?

You are probably thinking what's wrong with you BMT?  Aren't you a man? A woman and her mother are pushing her on you.  Why are you telling me this boring story?

Me: Yes, but...SHE'S PREGNANT!

To clarify, D was pregnant, showing, and no, I was not the father.  Not a chance, because we were never together.  When I mean showing, it wasn't like she put on weight.  She was really showing.  I have nothing against pregnant women except I don't like to date them while they are pregnant with someone else's kid.

It didn't take long for me to figure it out.  D's baby daddy had left her and wanted nothing to do with the kid.  She was looking for a replacement.  Flattered as I might be, I don't need instant family.  Mom decided to try to help fill that void by trying to coax me into dating D.  Weeks later, D went out on maternity leave and I was transferred to another store (Whew!).  Never saw either of them again.

Maybe I should have named this "TMI Thursday: A Date Men Don't Want".

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Well, I guess I'd take her out dancing...

But that is IT!

I couldn't do it. Not how much she was showing...pregnancy, not skin

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