Goodbyes and Good Wishes to the Aughts

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So as the world bids adieu to the first tenth of the twenty-first century, the passage of time brought good and bad.  Rather than doing a list, I'd like to concentrate on a very narrow section of one major topic, the economy.

All I want to say here is how important it is to remember the charities you believe in.  Donating money, time, or product to a good cause should be about causes you care about.  Everyone has been affected by the economy, so I made an effort this year to spread the wealth, which I have none of.  But what I have, I make sure it goes around.  In particular, I will admit that I donate a large percentage of my donations to one particular group of organizations, those who help fight cancer.  But that is what I care about, so that is where my money will go.  So with that, here is the list of organizations I donated to in 2009.

I'm sure there are others I've missed, as I've dropped off loose change or cash to the buckets, boots, and boxes all across the region. For many of you, the donation could mean a tax deduction.  But for everyone, just remember to donate to causes you care about.

Happy New Year to All and let's hope for a better 2010 for everyone.

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