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This site is about me and the random (or planned) events that occur in my life.  Over the years I've realized how funny or interesting certain circumstances are.  Plus my memory is not as good as it used to be. 

Here's the lowdown.
  • I am a natural born American citizen born to former citizens of the People's Republic of China.  So I can run for President one day if I choose to do so, but have no aspirations for public office.
  • I am a registered Democrat, but have viewpoints from both sides.  If you really want to narrow it down, I'm a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.
  • I am an alumnus of the University of Maryland.  Don't mess with me otherwise I might burn your couch.
  • I have a great passion for most sports, but not the memory to keep those innate statistics or records in my head.
  • I listen to practically any music.  It's changed over the years, but now I'm about the "true" classic rock (1970's and earlier).  80's and 90's music is fine too.
  • I am currently single.  Single women may contact me.
  • I am "Big Money Tony" in the sense that it was a nickname given to me by a co-worker years ago.  There is some significance as I am an accountant, but other than that, not really.  I'm a working man who needs a paycheck to survive.
You can reach me at bmt (at) bigmoneytony.com.

I also blog at www.thedcsportspage.com.

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