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Review: Soft Parade


Soft Parade
 If you have never seen the Doors live, Soft Parade is a show to put on your list.  Now granted, I never saw the Doors in person, and until recently, didn't think much about them.  But over the past couple of years, I've grown to appreciate them.

Soft Parade was not on my list of shows to see.  But it was my friend Mike's birthday, and this is where he wanted to go.  So a bunch of us went.

The show was pretty good.  The instrumentals were excellent, save the constant breakdown of the keyboard.  The player kept taking it off stage to do some fine tuning and they even stopped the show for 10 minutes at around 10:30 just to work on it again.

Where I found fault in the show were two areas.  First of all, they seemed to have played too long.  When "Touch Me" was flowing, I thought that was the perfect time to end the show.  But they played at least four more.  I lost track.

To the other issue, we'll it wasn't much of one, I'll admit.  Joe Russo, the lead vocalist had Jim Morrison nailed down to a tee.  The moaning, slurring, hinted with the feeling of drug-abuse lyrics of the Doors worked well.  Until the crooning of "Touch Me".  With those clear vocals, you heard Morrison's great voice.  Russo seemed to be stretching his to the limit, and missed.  Granted the Doors had the help of a studio.

All in all, if you are interested in seeing the Doors, even though that is impossible, you'll probably enjoy Soft Parade.