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Indifference on the Presidency

Unless you have been sheltered from the media for the past 48 hours and thought today, Wednesday, was Election Day, you know that Barack Obama was elected President of the United States yesterday.  Many rejoiced and many are angered or dejected.  I am neither.  I suspect a small and quiet group of people feel the same way.

I don't know what it was.  While Obama's speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention caught my eye, I've never felt comfortable enough with him.  To me, he lacks experience.  I'm not saying that is a bad thing, or that he won't be a good or even great President.  I just would have preferred someone with at least a decade of experience.

Maybe it was John Edwards, the previous moral compass of the Democratic party falling down hard and fast.  Or Hillary Clinton, fighting on way too long in the primaries.  It could have been the non-stop election coverage via Internet, blogs, Twitter, and 24 hour news channels.  I'm guilty of watching and participating in all.  Maybe it was because other than his lack of economic sense, I really liked McCain.  But I will let this pass.  Living in the Washington Metropolitan area, I plan on taking in as much as possible from now until the inauguration.

For the next 4 to 8 years Barack Obama is our President.  We should support him and give him a chance to right the ship for those of you who think it is tilting.  Those who think it's upright, let Obama keep it afloat.

Voter Mis-Registration

I live in the great state of Maryland.  The voter registration deadline was October 14 and I've been a registered voter since November 1992, when I was first eligible.  Confident that I was registered, for some reason today I remembered that I was still incorrectly registered at my parents old address in 2006.  I'm a part-time voter, so 2007 wasn't all that important to me and I didn't bother to check.  Today, I checked my registration and I'm still registered at the parents house in Montgomery County.  Polling station is my old elementary school.  Go Road Runners!

The problem is that I live in an entirely different county, Frederick.  I changed my drivers license and vehicle registrations to reflect that within a week of moving.  When filling out that form, I checked off the little box that says something about notifying voter registration.  That was 2005.  In 2006, I voted only for statewide elections and left the local politics to the real Montgomery locals.

Debate 08: New York

It was Joe the Plumber night.  Anne Marie Cox said it so right on Twitter.  "Joe the Plumber is so getting laid tonight".

This is the final debate for this election cycle.  Moderated by Bob Schieffer from Hofstra University, this was the most exciting of the three Presidential debates, although it didn't take much.

McCain referenced a conversation Obama had with "Joe the Plumber" and how Obama's tax plans would raise Joe's taxes because he falls in the $250K range.  He came with a great line..."Why would you want to raise anyone's taxes now?".  So true and Obama may yet change his mind on this, but not tonight.

Palin Power

GOP Vice Presidential Nominee and current Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, was found to have abused her powers in the continued investigation of a state trooper.  That state trooper was in a divorce and custody battle with the governor's sister and had allegedly threatened violence against Palin's father, among other things.  It was also determined that Palin used this as part of the motivation to fire the Public Safety Commissioner of Alaska, Walter Monegan, although she was within her rights to dismiss him.

In response, the McCain-Palin campaign issued a statement accusing the investigation of being partisan politics in an effort to discredit Palin and hurt the campaign.

While I see the Republican stance on this issue, when would be a good time to release the investigation results?  It was already pushed up nearly a month so it would not be a last minute event prior to the general election.  Having no investigation would have brought questions about other executive power abuses.  There was an investigation into the trooper prior to Palin taking the governor's office and it was determined that he could keep his job.  According to the current investigation, Palin, her husband, and her Cabinet made several attempts to re-ignite the trooper investigation in efforts to get the trooper dismissed.  Given her personal connection, she should have left it to others re-investigate, if it was determined absolutely necessary and lawful.

I feel for the Palin family if the trooper actually committed such actions, but the system is not perfect and must be respected.  It is Palin who has now put a shadow on the McCain campaign, not the investigation.

Debate 08: Nashville

Debate Town Hall style.  This one seemed better than their first debate in Mississippi.  Both seemed more active and in attacking mode on policy, but not personal.  Brian Williams on NBC immediately following said the audience participation was basically minimal.  I agree.

Since the questions were driven by 80 undecided voters instead of moderator Tom Brokaw, it's no surprise that the first half was dominated regarding on the economy.  Actually I shouldn't say dominated, it was the first half of the debate.  Fitting for a day the Dow dropped 500+.  After some discussion on healthcare, social security, and energy, they jumped right back into the economy an hour in.  What was most bothersome, at least to Brokaw, is that neither candidate followed the agreed to rules regarding time.

Both candidates pushed their platform and their strengths.  Obama on his "Change", surprisingly without actually using the word.  McCain on his experience.  I didn't see much that would make anyone lean one way or another.

My favorite line was Obama saying "The Straight Talk Express has lost a wheel" in response to a question about fixing social security.  McCain however fumbled this.  He said it was an "Easy Fix".  Identifying the problem is easy.  Lack of Supply vs. Overwhelming Demand.  There is no easy fix for this.  It shows McCain does have an economy problem.  Anybody with Econ 101 in their pocket knows it's not an easy fix.  Maybe McCain knows more than we do.

The debate veered toward foreign policy in the last 15 minutes.  Iraq, Afghanistan, and Russia.  Both candidates seemed to go on the attack making sure their platform is heard.  McCain used "My Friend(s)" several times.  Maybe it was a tactic to be more homey and friendly, like what is his running mate's personality.  But not overwhelmingly bad, like Palin's annoying way of answering everything.

The last question of the night came from a voter in New Hampshire via the Internet.  "What don't you know and how will you learn it?"  I do not believe Obama really answered it, but used it to summarize his platform.  In a way he did by stating those things.  McCain did something similar.  So it was a wasted question.

My personal analysis...another draw.  With no surprises or wow moments, we are left with mostly scripted answers.  Their individual personalities came out somewhat, but nothing to persuade one to vote either way.  On to October 15 for the final one, and apparently the one we'll all have to use to make final decisions.

Palin Quick Hits

I'm just the messenger, don't shoot.  Here are a couple of links of interesting analysis that don't measure up to a full blog entry.

The Palin Debate Flowchart  Warning - partially NSFW

A Positive Palin review Just so I can be "Fair & Balanced".

As I noted last night, I think it was a pretty even battle, so these are here only to provide for both sides and a little fun.  View at your pleasure.
As Chuck Todd just said on NBC, no car wreck.  Governor Sarah Palin seemed to be very well prepared.  Senator Joe Biden was also reading off talking points, but at key times seemed to be talking from his thoughts.  My initial thoughts are that Biden by the slimest of margins.  Maybe as slim as 2000.

Palin was reserved and sounded like she was reading.  Too much unfortunately.  Positively, she was not uninformed.  She got the name of the commander in Iraq wrong.  We can't fault her for that, if we didn't hold it against George W Bush.  Her true to her roots method, with "Say it ain't so Joe", "Darn", "Mainstreeters", and "Heck" thrown about made her seem very much an everyday person.

Debate 08: Mississippi

So this was supposed to be the one about the War on Terror.  Events of the week however, put the Economy as subject #1, taking about the first half hour of the debate.  Same old, same old.  McCain to reduce taxes on the wealthy, cut spending.  Obama to reduce taxes for the needy, control spending, but spend where needed.  Of note, McCain wants to reduce the overall budget.  I wonder where from.

I did live blogging on the debate on Twitter and reading other Twitters while watching the debate.  The debate overall was boring, except McCain's references to Miss Congeniality.  That was hilarious.  I didn't know the Senate was a beauty contest.

It appeared that McCain was fresh and active, like he took a case of Red Bull before hitting the stage.  Obama, however, looked very tired.  The campaign has aged him.

Everything discussed tonight were things we've heard from the candidates in the past.  No new info.  It was boring and a draw.  However, one could say the Obama won because the War on Terror is McCain's strong suit.

On to the next debate, assuming McCain does not suspend his campaign beforehand.

Bluff Called

Cancel the debate?  Campaign suspended?  I'm not a great poker player, as my friends can attest to, but I can spot this bluff.

Sure going back to Washington would have helped McCain's image.  Superman to the rescue!  But here's why it's a bluff.
  • McCain has himself admitted his lack of knowledge in economics.
  • There are reports that McCain's camp asked Obama's camp to suspend their campaign as well.  Also they were to both withdraw from the debate or postpone to a later date.
  • When Obama continued with the campaign, McCain relented and returned to the campaign and the debate.
  • David Letterman called a different bluff when McCain cancelled a scheduled appearance shortly before taping citing his need to return to Washington.  He however was on the set of the CBS Evening News preparing to go on an interview with Katie Couric, at the same time as the Late Show taping.
  • Even Haley Barbour hinted at the bluff by stating that he expected the debate to be held on schedule before McCain decided to attend.
If McCain truly thought that working hard on the bailout was in the best interest of the nation, he would still be in DC.  Instead, he's off to 'Ole Miss as designated negotiators are working on the deal.  You would think someone had thought earlier about getting a negotiator.  Then McCain could have stayed in the race without a break.

Lieberman: Independent?


Senator Joe Lieberman, Independent, Connecticut, spoke at the Republican National Convention last night.  How independent is he though?

Those that know my politics know that I'm a moderate Democrat.  I'm willing to listen to both sides.  Aside from the constant bickering, the one thing that irks me the most are party switchers.  By that, I mean those who were elected by one party and switched to the other while in office.

Lieberman is technically not a party switcher, but he might be worse, as he ran as an Independent, caucases with the Democrats while in the Senate, and now speaks at the RNC.  The Democrats in the Senate are partially to be blamed, as they needed Lieberman to gain the slim majority of 1 in the legislative body.  Lieberman himself has every right to do what he wants.

Except speak at the RNC.  I get that John McCain is his good friend.  Your average American does not pick friends by political affiliation.  Maybe an endorsement is enough.  I want my legislators to have open minds and vote how they feel.  But speak on his behalf?

In last nights speech, he spoke of "We are all Americans" and asked "Why is a Democrat here?".  His first statement is correct.  His second statement is not.  He is an Independent.  And now he has essentially shifted to the Republican side, without declaring it.  At least have the guts to do so.  Caucus with them.

Come after the General Election, the Democrats should strip him of his status and his constitutents should demand he run as a Republican or Independent at his next term.  To think this guy was the Democratic VP Nominee just a few years ago.

McCain choose Palin


John McCain has chosen his running mate, Sarah Palin.  Palin is the Governor of Alaska.  I wonder, now that he has chosen Palin, and Senator Stevens has been indicted, how many Alaskan politicians are left to run for state offices?

Seriously this is an interesting choice.  Palin was not in the top tier of candidates.  It also puts on the showdown of an African American President with an "Old School" running mate versus an "Old School" nominee with a female running mate.

Will the "Good 'Ole Boys" of the GOP flock toward McCain-Palin or will they become the Mondale-Ferraro of the new century?

Either way, it looks like there will be a historic presidency for 2009-2013.



The long wait is over.  At 3:08 AM Friday night/Saturday morning, I received the long awaited text message.  Joe Biden, running mate.  Duh.  As previously leaked to the press hours before.  While long awaited, it was not unknown.  Hell, it was the obvious choice.  Except in one aspect.

Of course, Biden is the experienced Senator from Delaware.  He has foreign policy under his belt and fills in the "holes" in Obama's platform.  He looks presidential, or maybe I should say vice-presidential?  But that's the problem.  In the campaign that has been sold as "change", the chunk of it is now "old".  Biden is old school Washington.  Maybe the outskirts of it, but he's been part of the mess for 35 years.

This of course leads to the convention this week and waiting for McCain's choice.