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Povich PanelAt Cole Field House last night, the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism and the Colonnade Society of the University of Maryland hosted a 3rd Annual Shirley Povich Symposium. This year's topic was Race and Sports Journalism. I was lucky to be in attendance. The panel was moderated by Maury Povich of tabloid show fame and Kevin Blackistone, Povich Chair at the Merrill College. Michael Wilbon, Gary Williams, Sage Steele, Scott Van Pelt, and Len Elmore rounded out the panel. George Solomon, former Washington Post writer, ESPN Ombudsman, and current professor at Maryland, was in attendance as well. The discussion started with a mention of President-Elect Barack Obama. While historic, it does not mean the end of the race discussion in America.

Those who don't know who Shirley Povich was should know that he was a great sports columnist for the Washington Post for over 60 years. He died one day after writing his last column in 1998. He was the father of Maury, the night's moderator and David, an attorney.
BuffyTocarraOn this very important day in American History, the DC Sports Page wants to bring you an election that everyone can agree on. BTW - I also blog on The DC Sports Page.  Vote for your favorite Redskins Cheerleader! This first week of voting pits Buffy versus Tocarra. At the end of the season, we will match up the winners to choose the favorite of the year. Vote early. Each Tuesday we'll bring you a new matchup.  Find the poll at The DC Sports Page on the right sidebar.

I wrote this on The DC Sports Page this morning.  Usually I try not to cross post, but I think this goes beyond sports.

I'm not blind to think that racism does not exist. But how bad could it have been for Dunbar to walk off the field? Worse yet, they had to wait for police escort to leave the stadium? I've never been in an organized football huddle, but from interviews and other reports, I understand there is trash talk on the field. But that goes too far.

Except for a 4 year stint in Virginia, I have lived in Maryland all my life. I've driven through the "handle" of Maryland. But I guess I've been sheltered living in relatively diverse neighborhoods of the DC suburbs.

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Over the course of time, I'll add and/or remove features from this site to keep things interesting.  I recently (as in yesterday) signed up for Twitter.  I got inspired about reading various Twitter feeds from the Democratic Convention and thought it would be a great way to do "live" reports from various events.  I have Redskins season tickets, probably Terps Men's Basketball, and some Nationals Games left.  Plus in this great city, we'll have the Presidential Inaguration in January.  On non-event days, I'll post random thoughts or minor events as they occur.

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